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Expertise in Quality Metal Solutions

Delivering exceptional products through top-grade materials


brass rods

C26000 (Cartridge Brass)

C27000 (Yellow Brass)

C28000 (Muntz Metal)

C36000 (Free Cutting Brass)

C46400 (Naval Brass)

C48500 (High leaded Naval Brass)

C3604 (Lead Free Brass)

C37700 (Forging Brass)

C44300 (Admiralty Brass)

C68700 (Aluminum Brass)


copper scrap

C10100 (Oxygen Free Electronic Copper)

C10200 (Oxygen Free Copper)

C11000 (Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper)

C12200 (Phosphorus - Deoxidized Copper)

C14500 (Tellurium Copper)

C17200 (Beryllium Copper)

C18200 (Chromium Copper)

C19400 (Leaded Copper)

C19700 (Silver-Bearing Copper)


steel rods

AISI 4140 (Alloy Steel)

AISI 4340 (Alloy Steel)

AISI 316 (Stainless Steel)

AISI 304 (Stainless Steel)

AISI 410 (Stainless Steel)

AISI 52100 (High Carbon Chromium Alloy Steel)

AISI 6150 (Chromium Vanadium Alloy Steel)

AISI 1018 (Carbon Steel)

AISI 1020 (Carbon Steel)

AISI 1045 (Carbon Steel)

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